The Society of Architectural Historians has recently launched a new online journal. Unlike many other online journals that have simply (and usefully) created sites that publish papers similar to text journals the new SAH journal will take full advantage of new technology. The online version, dubbed JSAH Online, will support presentation methods — such as video, virtual modeling and digital mapping — that academics have employed for some time, but could show off only in venues with the capacity to handle to multimedia exhibitions, such as live demonstrations and museum installations.

The first edition features an article about funeral processions in the Roman Forum, which is accompanied by multimedia components such as a 3-D layout of the forum, superimposed on a Google Earth map, where readers can toggle a timeline icon to show how the forum evolved over several centuries.

There is a more detailed article about the journal here

The journal is avilable to SAH aubscribers but some sample open access articles can be viewed here: