Cloudy Sensoria

October 19 2012 – December 2 2012

Jason Parmington & Cara-Ann Simpson Bundoora Homestead sonic mirror #1 2012 digital image Collection of the artists

From light phenomena to sound, qualities of smell and the dispersal of air in space, Cloudy Sensoria explores the intangible forms of sensation. The exhibition acts as a site specific interpretation of the time shifting experiences at Bundoora Homestead. Originally the home of an aristocratic family, then an institution for men deeply traumatised and often disfigured by war; no one lives here anymore, it is now a cultural centre, a place for ideas and contemplation. As if the walls could tell their stories, the artists engage the audience in new ways of seeing – often not with the eyes – perceiving the building, its location and history.

Co Curated by Cara-Ann Simpson and Malte Wagenfeld.

Bundoora Homestead Art Centre & RMIT University (School of Architecture and Design) exhibition

Venue: Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, 7 – 27 Snake Gully Drive, Bundoora VIC 3083, Ph: 9496 1060



Opening Hours: Wednesday to Friday 11am – 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 12noon – 5pm

Tram Route 86, Stop 62, Dyson Buses: Route 563, Stop Mt Cooper Estate, Melways 19 G2