home-teaching-with-unique-collectionsThe University of Melbourne has launched a new website dedicated to providing information about the objects in the university’s various collections, and information/suggestions on how these might be used in teaching across a variety of disciplines. The website is (unsurprisingly) primarily aimed at people teaching and studying at the University of Melbourne, but all information is readily available to anyone and the high-quality reproductions, potted histories of the objects, and links to further reading are likely to be of interest to a broader audience.

You can browse the objects included here http://library.unimelb.edu.au/teachingobjects#home

From the website:

Teaching with unique collections provides resources, an online showcase, and a virtual setting for teaching and learning in many disciplines. It features objects, books, manuscripts, works of art and other items from the university’s Prints, Rare Books and Rare Music collections, Grainger Museum,  University of Melbourne Archives and Ian Potter Museum of Art.

The site gives students and teachers tools to help them use collection objects as memory aids and springboards into exploration and discussion. It also strengthens connections between students, academics and collections managers, and adds a further dimension to the dynamic role of Arts West in the university’s curriculum.