University Construction was a one-day exhibition by David Homewood and Bronté Lambert. The exhibition was open from 11am to 7pm on 23 June 2015. It was held in a classroom of John Medley Building at the University of Melbourne. The exhibition presented a variety of readymade, found and modified objects—many sourced from the University campus—in geometric configurations on the classroom floor, accompanied by a flyer and information sheet.

The publication University Construction is a record of the exhibition. It includes photographs of the exhibition, along with scans of the flyer and information sheet. The publication also includes More Minor Constructions, a series of photographs taken several weeks after the exhibition closed, in the classroom where the exhibition was held.

The publication serves a documentary function; it also builds a discursive context around the exhibition. It features texts by David Homewood, Helen Johnson, Paris Lettau and Elizabeth Newman. The texts draw out ideas, issues and themes related to the exhibition, directly and indirectly. Each text engages an old question that continues to exert a hold on the present—the question of the relationship between art and the university, and the university and art.

Venue: World Food Books, The Nicholas Building Studio 19, Level 3 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Date:  6pm, January 24