Lecturer in Art History (circa 500-1600), University of Melbourne – deadline 28th March 2017

ACMI X Director, Melbourne – deadline 26th March 2017

Art Gallery Director, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery – deadline 27th March 2017

Assistant Curator, History, The Western Australian Museum – deadline 13th March 2017

Indigenous Program Producer – (Special Measures), National Gallery of Australia – deadline 30th March 2017

Curator Contemporary Arts Practice – Global, National Gallery of Australia – deadline 20th March 2017


Director and Professor/Associate Professor – John David Stout Research Centre for the Study of New Zealand Society, History and Culture (SRC), Victoria University of Wellington – deadline 2nd April 2017

Lecturer in Arts and Cultural Management, King’s College London – deadline 31st March 2017

Assistant Professor, Arts and Cultural Management, MacEwan University – deadline 1st May 2017

Lecturer of African Art History, School of Art + Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – deadline 29th March 2017


Ernst & Rosemarie Keller Award supports the research activities of scholars residing in Australia whose research is concerned with German history, literature, language, politics or culture, or German contributions to the history, literature, languages, politics or culture of either Australia or the Asia-Pacific region – deadline 29th March 2017

Warburg Library Travel Grants – deadline 31st March 2017

Calls for Papers

Conference Submissions for CAA 2018 – various deadlines

Baroque Parish Churches and Their Decoration: A New Field of Research (Vienna, 23–25 October, 2017) – deadline 30th April 2017

Architecture, Festival and the City (Birmingham, November 2017) – deadline 17th of March 2017

Travelling People, Travelling Objects: The Reception of Swiss Art in the Context of the Eighteenth-Century European Grand Tour, Special Issue of the Zeitschrift für Schweizerische Archäologie und Kunst (ZAK) for 2018 – deadline for abstracts 1st May 2017

Bodies in Motion in the Early Modern World, Centre for Early Modern Studies: First biennial graduate conference (King’s College London, June, 2017) – deadline 31st March 2017

Head and Body: Evidence of Power in the Ruler Portrait Between the 14th and 18th Centuries (December 2017, Munich) – deadline 30th April 2017

Drawing Millions of Plans (Copenhagen, 1-3 Nov 17) – deadline May 15, 2017