Málaga (Spain), September 4 – 13, 2017
Deadline: Jun 30, 2017

Following the success of the first edition last year, the International Summer School on Digital Art History (DAHSS), a joint initiative of the University of Málaga and the University of Berkeley, will celebrate the second edition from September 4 to 13 (2017), in Málaga (Spain).

Under the title of Data-Driven Analysis and Digital Narratives, DAHSS pursues two objectives: a) to configure an interdisciplinary framework to expand the IT skills of students, scholars and professionals dealing with the production, representation and communication of knowledge in the fields of Art History, Visual Culture and Cultural Heritage; b) to build a environment where creative, innovative and collaborative research practices are encouraged and promoted.

The course has a theoretical-practical orientation: theoretical exchange and critical discussions will be combined with practical sessions (lab-based sessions), through which participants will work collaboratively in common projects. The results of these projects will be publicly presented the last day of the course.

The course is organized around two complementary modules.

Module 1 (Data-Driven Analysis) is devoted to discover the opportunities provided by the access to and the computational process of large cultural datasets to extract new knowledge, elaborate new interpretive approaches and build new stories about culture. A wide range of methodologies, analysis techniques, tools and softwares, as well as metadata structures will be explored and discussed.

Module 2 (Digital Narrative and Interfaces) is devoted to investigate new ways of telling stories about culture in the digital media. From a transdisciplinary perspective, it will be explored experiences performed by electronic literature and new media artists as inspiring models to consider in the building of new narratives in the field of Art History and Visual Culture. Complementary, participants will acquire competencies to manage certain tools which will enable them to build their own stories with the datasets analyzed in module 1.

Intended audience: postgraduate students, academic researchers, independent scholars and professionals related to the following disciplines: Art History and Visual Studies, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Computer Sciences, Media and New Media Studies and Museum Studies.

Fee: 120€

More information and registration: http://historiadelartemalaga.uma.es/dahss17/en