found image: collection of Patrick Pound

A symposium on the ever-changing states of photography from the invention of the medium to the digital present.

From the magic lantern to Instagram and ‘connected photography’ this symposium unpacks a little history of the transmission of images. The Transit Lounge of Photography examines where the medium of record has been and asks: how is it travelling.

The Transit Lounge of Photography is all about making connections with photographic images and reading their vapor trails, presenting a series of projections on images and ideas in the share-house of photography.

Join us for an afternoon looking through photographs and at photography ending in a live magic lantern show in the evening.

Coordinated by Patrick Pound (Deakin Motion Lab Centre for Creative Arts Research) and the CCP.

Presented by Deakin Motion Lab Centre for Creative Arts Research
Saturday 21 October, 3pm–7:30pm
Bookings required, $10 for non-members
$5 for CCP members and students

Book here:

Magic Lantern Performance, 6pm-7.30pm
Gold coin donation for performance only


Geoffrey Batchen
Image Electric

Patrick Pound
A Postcard from Atget arrived today: reconnecting with photography

Martyn Jolly and Elisa deCourcy
‘Two-Thirds of the Globe’: The spectacular career of J W Newland, a showman photographer at the dawn of the age of modern vision.

Naomi Cass and Pippa Milne
Speaking of these walls

Magic lantern performance:
Martyn Jolly, Elisa deCourcy, the Canberra Experimental Music Studio and local guest performers