A painted portrait of L. Gordon Darling.

The Gordon Darling Foundation is a perpetual public charitable trust, established in 1991 to “support Australia-wide, activities of importance in the Visual Arts.” Its grant program gives priority to exhibitions of Australian, Asian, Pacific or other international art, or those of significant local importance. It assists with the costs of research, travel, publication, and the dissemination of knowledge and the enjoyment of all aspects of the visual arts to the widest possible audience.

Submissions for Gordon Darling Foundation Grants are examined by the Trustees of the Foundation three times a year. Assessment meetings in 2022 will be held in late February, early July and late October. Applications for the current round of funding close on January 7 2022.

Funding may be provided for:

  • Catalogues and publications:
    • that are scholarly, preferably with well-researched new information.
    • that provide a permanent record of an exhibition, collection, or work of an artist or movement.
  • Marketing or promotional costs, if they aim to reach new audiences, especially young audiences.
  • Professional education initiatives, including individual professional development.
  • Collection management initiatives, including database development and conservation.
  • Research projects leading to the recognition and publication of material of significance.
  • Internationally known speakers for symposia.

Preference will be given to catalogue and publication projects which will tour a cluster of venues, sharing costs, staff and experience.

Due to uncertainties caused by COVID-19, no international travel will be funded at this time.

For full details of eligibility and application procedures see: http://www.gordondarlingfoundation.org.au/guidelines.php.