The Digital Humanities (DH) benefit from partnerships with cultural heritage institutions… but how can DH researchers and practitioners build partnerships that facilitate functional, sustainable and innovative collaborations? I will explore this question based on my work with small archives and museums in the UK. My exploration will highlight methods for developing sustainable projects that encourage students, teachers and practitioners to use Digital Humanities methods whilst developing digital tools and preservation workflows for cultural heritage collections.

The talk will be followed by a QandA with Dr Katrina Grant, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Digital Humanities Research.

Dr Kristen Schuster is a Lecturer in Digital Curation in the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College London.

Date: Thursday 16th March, 5pm

Venue: Sir Roland Wilson Theaterette, 120 McCoy Circuit, ANU Acton Campus

The lecture will also be streamed online via Zoom see the Eventbrite page for details and to register:

This lecture is presented by the Centre for Digital Humanities Research with the support of the Humanities Research Centre as part of the Public Culture Network at ANU.