Harrell Fletcher – Towards a tender society of thoughtful questions and answers


Clemenger BBDO auditorium

NGV International

180 St Kilda Rd


Harrell Fletcher (b. 1967, lives and works in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.) creates art through collaboration and participation often with those outside the parameters of the art world. From installing a museum focusing on local peoples’ lives in a northern California shopping mall to working with an eight-year-old boy as the principle decision-maker for a work of public art created for a park in Brittany, France, Fletcher’s art is really all about you, rather than all about him. Fletcher is developing a project for the NGV that opens this September.

“People often ask how I’m able to entice random strangers into working with me. The answer is that I appear to actually be interested in the person and his or her activities. And what is the best strategy for appearing interested? The answer is sincerely be interested; in fact nothing else will work. This is not difficult for me, because I think that people are interesting. I would even go so far as to say that I have a great fondness for the human race”.

–Harrell Fletcher


Harrell Fletcher (Alex Baker) - Click to enlarge.

An article by Alex Baker (Senior curator of Contemporary Art at the NGV) about Harrell Fletcher’s art is included in the soon to be launched Melbourne Art Journal nos 11 & 12.