J Carney Corrosion cast of the kidney blood vessels 1968 resin Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, the University of Melbourne
J Carney, Corrosion cast of the kidney blood vessels 1968, resin, Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology, the University of Melbourne

Ten Minute Talks at Ian Potter Museum of Art

Date: Saturday 30th Jan, 1pm

Venue: Ian Potter Museum of Art, Swanston St, University of Melbourne

My Learned Object: Collections & Curiosities is drawn from the Cultural Collections and hidden storerooms of the University of Melbourne. These four ten minute talks will give insights into otherwise unseen parts of the University’s collection from the Science, Medical, History and Arts Faculties and showcase historical learning tools used since 1890.

Such is life | Ryan Jefferies, Curator, Harry Brookes Allen Museum of Anatomy and Pathology

An exploration of the phrenological interpretation of Ned Kelly’s death mask and the prominence of ‘memento mori’ in Victorian times. Learn who created this death mask, why it was acquired for anatomical research at the University of Melbourne and how 3D technology has helped conserve this iconic cultural object.

The Eclectic Sir Redmond Barry Carol Hinchcliff, Law Librarian

A snapshot of Sir Redmond Barry and his contributions to culture, education and the law.

Greer’s Wild Life 1969-1971  | Rachel Buchanan, Curator, Germaine Greer Archive

In 1971, Australian-born, British-based academic Germaine Greer’s first book, The Female Eunuch, was published in the United States to wild acclaim. Diane Arbus photographed Greer for New Woman magazine and three celebrity photo-journalists took Greer’s picture for a LIFE magazine cover story. Ten photos from the LIFE shoot are displayed here along with a 1969 annotated fragment of The Eunuch. Both are part of the university’s Germaine Greer Archive. This talk considers what we can learn from these objects and how they interact with the evidence of other ‘people and personalities’ on show in this room.

Weapons of Christ | Jessica Cole, Print Researcher

This drawing depicts an adolescent angel wearing a mass of swirling drapery, standing on a cloud and holding a reed with a sponge at one end. By an unknown artist, the drawing was made after a sculpture by Antonio Giorgetti (1635-69): one of ten stone statues of angels holding the Arma Christi (‘Weapons of Christ’) that adorn the Ponte Sant’ Angelo in Rome. This talk will introduce audiences to the Ponte Sant’ Angelo project, overseen by Bernini; the work of the relatively unknown sculptor Giorgetti; and the presence of Arma Christi iconography in art.

Chemistry in the Eyes of the Artist |  Dr Renee Beale, Manager & Curator, Chemistry Cultural Collection

It is always intriguing to discover which items within the Chemistry Cultural Collection spark an artist’s interest. Oftentimes, they represent mundane but essential everyday tools – exactly the opposite of what usually holds the attention of a chemist. The models, test glasses, beakers and other practical glassware selected by curator and artist Dr David Sequeira for My Learned Object are no exception.

Using additional objects from the Chemistry Collection and examples of work from artists who have responded to them, this talk will explore the significance of such items for chemists whilst postulating why they are of interest to artists.