Soft Reality Poster

Exhibition Dates: February 6th – 27th 2016

Soft Reality Poster


Performance and Choreography: Chloe Chignell

Dancers: Amanda Betlehem, Ellen Davies, Alice Heyward, Louella May Hogan, Ben Hurley, Rebecca Jensen, Leah Landau, Chad McLachlan, Megan Payne, Jacqueline Trapp and Timothy Walsh.

SOFT REALITY is a performance landscape of vague images and porous bodies. It looks toward multiplicity and simulation as modes of producing relationships. Construction and habitation are two actions that lead the performance work, building environments, identities and things – a network of weak gestures, connecting and forming. In Soft Reality time does not pass instead it rushes ahead, leaving us only with a network, spaces to move across and points of relation.

Chloe Chignall is a dance artist based in Melbourne. She has recently been commissioned by the Keir Choreographic Award to present a new short work in 2016. In 2015 she received the DanceWEB scholarship at ImpulzTanz, Vienna. She also received an Ian Potter Travel Grant and Art Start enabling her to extend her choreographic practice through international travel and studio research.

Remember What Created Us Shaun-Joel Liew

Shaun-Joel’s work explores a material language that brings into play the natural world and Zen Buddhism’s practice of mindfulness. Formal geometric structures and playfully chaotic found materials allude to the interplay between rationality and intuition. Through this project he has worked to harmonise his intuitive decision making with analytical processes that trace the geometries of the universe.

Shaun-Joel Liew is engaged in the psychological space between the visual language of materials and the experiential language of consciousness. His work seeks to find a means to investigate how his own spirituality, a pragmatic coalition of eastern and western spiritual beliefs, influences his relationships and interactions with the natural world.

Siying Zhou ‘the consequences of success II’

the consequences of success II’ is the result of the two-year exploration of the impact of colonial history and the culture of ‘home-making’ in modern Australian society and within its natural environment. Standing in a unique position of being the ‘other’, Siying Zhou is an Australian migrant who throughout her practice has attempted to uncover the violence embedded in basic human activity of survival and its environmental change on the Australian landscape. ‘the consequences of success II’ suggests that this fracture between society and the native ecosystem is the cause of a deep set melancholy.

Siying is an interdisciplinary artist whose installation practice focuses on the religious and cultural traditions in nomadic lifestyle; identity and globalisation; and the correlation between physical and imaginary spaces. Siying Zhou has received National Gallery of Victoria Woman Association Award at the graduation of Master of Contemporary Art at Victorian College of the Arts (VCA), The University of Melbourne in 2015. She is currently a candidate in the Masters of Fine Art at VCA.

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