BLINDSIDE is an independent contemporary arts space located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. For over a decade BLINDSIDE has supported and promoted contemporary art practice and a thriving arts community through exhibitions, events, workshops and critical writing. We are seeking a committed individual who are passionate about contemporary art practice, and willing to give their time on a voluntary basis towards an organisation that is focused on innovative practice that provokes, inspires and challenges.


  • BLINDSIDE provides a grassroots supportive network for its members. We are dedicated to discussing new ideas, collaborating and supporting each other.
  • BLINDSIDE is a gallery AND a community of artists and arts managers/ curators. There are many opportunities to plan or participate in collaborations, openings, calls for shows and members, the occasional art fair and much more.
  • BLINDSIDE members have opportunities to be involved with curating exhibitions and work collaboratively with other members on the development and organisation of projects, festivals, events and publications.
  • BLINDSIDE members have the opportunity to learn new gallery-based skills centred on their interest and motivation. The fluidity of BLINDSIDE allows members to have the independence to choose when and what gallery projects they wish to explore, enhancing their CV and keeping skills relevant and up-to-date.


Being involved with BLINDSIDE is a big commitment with great benefits. We need innovative, dynamic people who are self-directed to be active in gallery operations, events and projects. Each member holds various responsibilities on the Board within a democratic structure. Are you able to confidently commit to the following?

  • Commit to being a BLINDSIDE member for at least two years. 
    When members join, they commit to at least two years (many of us stay much longer!). If you are not able to commit for two years, please do not apply.
  • Attend meetings once a month. The Board meets on the first Monday of the month from 6.30pm – 8.30pm. This is our decision-making time where we discuss gallery issues, concerns and projects. Attendance is important. If you miss a meeting, you are responsible for reading meeting minutes, which are e-mailed.
  • Run the bar with other members once every 6 weeks. Each member commits to running the bar from 5.30-8.30pm on a Thursday night every 6 weeks as scheduled in our 6 monthly-roster.
  • Commit to a job that is essential to keeping the gallery going. Currently we have the positions of Sponsorship Coordinator vacant.
  • Agree to participate in working bees as required. Since we are volunteer-run, we all must lend a hand.
  • Agree to participate in sub-committees as needed. We regularly form sub-committees that focus on different aspects of BLINDSIDE, such as curatorial, grant writing or compiling a catalogue or publication. Members are expected to be active in one or more sub-committees as needed and as time permits.
  • All members must agree to BLINDSIDE’s Rules of Governance before joining the committee.


Development Coordinator | An exciting and unique opportunity exists within the BLINDSIDE voluntary board to develop, implement and deliver a development strategy from the ground up for a not-for-profit organisation. You will join a small, passionate and driven team where your role is to secure lasting and appropriate sponsorship agreements through financial or in-kind support in order for us to expand on the support we offer to artists, curators and writers within the Melbourne arts community. Reporting directly to the board, this role will primarily focus on building new relationships with corporate and individual sponsors and support the creating of new business development initiatives.

Sponsorship Coordinator Position Description

Nominations (including current CV and cover letter) must be sent to by Sunday 31 July 2016

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