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Date: Monday 15 May 2023 from 1.00pm to 5.00pm

VenueGeelong Library & Heritage Centre, next door to Geelong Gallery, (Wurdi Youang North Theatre, Level 5), 51 Little Malop Street, Geelong VIC (a five-minute walk from the Geelong Railway Station).

This free, half-day public forum will focus on the complex issues that emerge from the challenge of building new regional art galleries in Victoria for 21st century audiences. Four directors representing art galleries from across the state – Hamilton, Geelong, Shepparton and Sale – will talk frankly of their experience of building, or planning to build, new spaces to meet the needs of their communities and collections. Three industry experts will also provide further context and commentary.

Speakers include; Jason Smith (Geelong Gallery); Melinda Martin (Shepparton Art Museum); Simon Gregg (Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale); Joshua White (Hamilton Gallery); Anne Robertson (Public Galleries Association of Victoria); Alison Inglis (Australian Institute of Art History, University of Melbourne); with Rory Hye (Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne)

This event is a collaboration between Geelong Gallery, Shepparton Art Museum, Gippsland Art Gallery, Hamilton Gallery and the Australian Institute of Art History at the University of Melbourne and the Public Galleries Association of Victoria.

This is a free event | RSVP essential

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